4 Reasons Why Pubs Should Get An Outdoor Screen For The Euros This Summer


We’ve had two years to recover from 2018’s ‘World Cup Fever’, so who’s ready to go again? The UEFA Euros are just months away, and if you close your eyes you can feel the sun on your face and hear Three Lions playing faintly in the distance. Nothing says 'British Summer' like going to watch football in a beer garden with your mates, which is exactly why June will mark the start of a big couple of months for pub landlords across the country. But, investing in an outdoor screen could make this summer even bigger.

We know pub-goers love football, which is why thousands of pubs are already decked out with screens, ready to cram in as many beer-hungry fans as possible. But what if punters could watch football on an outdoor screen, too? Or, for pubs not normally known for showing matches, having a temporary way to make the most of the football frenzy? Mobile Event Screens do just that. Maximise your outdoor space, attract more fans to the big games and drive the screen away at the end of the day.

In case you’re not convinced already, here are four reasons why you should get an outdoor screen to stream the Euros at your pub this summer…

1. Football brings the crowds

In 2018, the last time we had a comparable major football tournament, seven of the year’s top 10 TV programmes were matches from the men’s World Cup. In some cases, matches pulled in up to 71% of the total audience share. The British public love a big game, and they will turn up in their numbers to watch it.

Outdoor screen on a highstreet

2. Football inspires loyalty

99% of consumers would return to the same pub having watched live sport there. If your pub isn’t a regular sports-streamer, screening the Euros this summer could give you a boost not only for the summer, but for the future too. Lure them into the pub garden with the football, get them to stay with your excellent food and fancy toilets.

Outdoor screen streaming football

3. Football boosts beer sales

It sounds simple really – football fans love beer. In fact, beer accounts for over half of drinks bought by football fans. In the 2018 World Cup, an additional 14 million pints were sold in the group stages alone. The average price of a pint in the UK is £3.67, which means over £51million in extra beer sales. In total, 545,770,475 pints of beer were sold in the eight weeks of the 2018 World Cup. If you’re a visual kind of person, that’s about 15 Olympic sized swimming pools per week.

Outdoor screen streaming football in a beer garden

4. Football needs drama

According to Dominic Collingwood, Co-Founder of MatchPint, pubs need to do something different to bring people in. Why come to the pub to cram round a tiny screen when you could watch it on your HD TV, from the comfort of your sofa with full surround sound? Having a big outdoor screen creates a point of difference. It could be the key between watching at your pub, watching at home, or watching at that other pub down the road.


If you want to find out more about getting an outdoor screen for the Euros, get in touch with us today.

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