Our Favourite Spooky Campaigns!


One day to go until the special day and although we may not be able to experience it in a completely traditional fashion this year, we can still make the most of it! We've had a look back over a heap of previous Halloween campaigns that have been particularly eerie and unique, then compiled our favourites as seen below!

Burger King #ScaryClownNight 🤡

This Halloween campaign was based around getting people to "come as a clown, eat like a king" or in other words, dress up as a clown and visit a Burger King store for a free whopper. A simple concept executed perfectly.

Most of the traction for this campaign had started off with the advert itself which starts with a young man riding his bicycle down a dimly lit road at night when he notices that he is surrounded by clowns following him... While cycling away he sees the Burger King sign so he enters the establishment thinking he has found a safe spot away from the clowns but has he?..

The reason this unique campaign performed so well is likely because it utilised a well created advert in combination with an idea that gets customers to interact by taking part and dressing up.

Burger King Scary Clown Night

On October 31st, the first 500 people dressed as a clown who visit selected stores in Miami, Florida and Texas will receive a free whopper from 7pm onwards. Having this start from a set time of 7pm meant two things, one: it will be darker and people will be out trick or treating during this timeframe…  Two: it lead to most participants going to Burger King at the same time and ending up in a big group of clowns - catching the eyes of people nearby and making the experience more memorable.

Habito, Trick or Treat Sampling Bins 🍬

Last Halloween, Habito targeted commuters in the immensely high footfall London Victoria station with 4 Promotional Staff, 4 Sampling Bins combined with a lot of sweets and leaflets to spread the word of cheaper mortgages.

Habito, Sampling bins campaign in Victoria Station

The twist was that the sweets were either pleasantly sweet or strikingly sour playing around the theme of "Trick or Treat". The free sweets acted as an incentive for commuters walking by to interact with the Promotional Staff which meant there was an increased number of leaflets being handed out.

Lidl Monster Market 👹

Flashback to two Halloweens ago, Lidl gave us all a nice treat in the form of an animated advert. It starts off with a sinister sky and moon surrounding the Lidl store, and then goes on to show various different characters such as Frankensteins monster and a witch messing around in the Lidl store while different prices are showcased.

Asda, Hinckley Halloween Digital Advans 👀

We had been providing Asda with solid store support using our Digital Advans throughout most of October 2019. On the 21st October, Asda supplied their new creative which was themed around Halloween while keeping this style in brand. The "monster deals" were displayed in bold on our format within a 3 mile radius of the store.

Asda, Hinckley Digivan with woman crossing the road

Marmite Trick or Treat packaging 👻

A poison for the haters. A potion for the lovers.

This clever and spirited Halloween campaign plays around the idea that you “either love or hate Marmite” with two different styles of packaging that you will find in stores or even online, where they sell customisable Marmite jars. Which of these will you grab?

There are plenty more great Halloween campaigns out there but we hope you enjoyed our hand-picked favourites.

If we missed any spooky campaigns that spring to mind then we would love to know over on our Twitter.

Thanks for reading and have a great Halloween!

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