A Day In The Life: Campaign Operator.


Driven to success.

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Our campaign operators play a very important role in the day to day successfulness of a campaign. Each operator receives vigorous training on how to make a live campaign the best it can possibly be, ensuring that the client gets their moneys worth. This includes learning of high footfall areas, key times to target specific locations, angling the screen to acheive maximum impressions and much more!

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What's your favourite part about being a campaign operator?

Being given the ability to travel across the country to visit new locations as well as see how certain locations change over time. Also, receiving positive client feedback from their campaign is always a great feeling.


How long have you been working for MMG?

Just over 15 years now.


How many campaigns do you think you have worked on with MMG?

Well over a thousand campaigns by now. It's great to see how some companies advertising campaigns have changed over the years as well as our own formats being modernised.


What’s your favourite location to campaign in and why?

Scotland has to be my personal favourite area and i'm sure other campaign operators will say the same. The scenery in Inverness is beautiful and the town centres are very picturesque which makes our photos look even better.


What attracted you to become a Campaign Operator?

I like the fact that it's a unique way of advertising that definetly catches peoples eyes! Being able to travel to various locations across the UK and meeting interesting people on the way is always fun!


How many miles on average do you travel per week?

It all really depends on where the campaign is and what the client has briefed us but I would roughly say anywhere between 200 to 1000 miles. Some days we can do 200 miles in just one day!


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