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    Basic Information
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Blimp Briefing Form
  1. ?
    Client / Campaign name

    Who is the campaign for?

  2. ?
    Location of campaign

    Where is the campaign?

  3. ?
    Campaign start date

    When does the campaign start?

  4. ?
    Campaign end date

    When does the campaign end?

  5. ?
    Campaign start time

    Start time of the campaign.

  6. ?
    Campaign end time

    End time of the campaign.

  7. ?

    Would a MMG representative need to check in with the client before they start the campaign?

  8. ?

    Will the MMG representative be required to sign in daily?

  9. ?
    Signing in time

    If you selected yes, what time would you like them to sign in?

  1. ?
    Contact name on site

    Name of the person that our representative needs to check in with.

  1. ?
    Contact number on site

    A sign in contact number for MMG in case of any issues.

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