5 Weird & Wonderful Ways To Use An Advert Walker


Advert Walkers are an extremely versatile mobile advertising format. Engaging with the target audience, our Advert Walkers leave a lasting and memorable impression. Here are five weird & wonderful ways to use an Advert Walker that are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Flash Mob
Described as a large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then scatter, typically prearranged via social media. A flash mob of Advert Walkers would definitely be a sight to see, and not forgotten in a hurry. A swarm of Advert Walkers doing a funny dance, who wouldn’t want to see that? It would enhance your campaign and cause a media buzz.

MMG has an extensive database full of a range of promotional staff professionals. Why not add something extra to your campaign by using a juggling Advert Walker? By doing so you would be encouraging more engagement between the Brand Ambassador and your point of sale.

Face painting
This doesn’t have to be saved for festivals! By a person wearing face paint they are screaming ‘come talk to me’, this can give your Advert Walker added uniqueness and a further tool to advertise your brand.

Food Sampling
Everyone loves freebies, especially when they come in food form. By offering food samples, the Advert Walkers are directly conversing with the public and creating a lot of positivity around the client’s brand.

Roller/Ice Skating
A multi-seasonal optional extra to add more of a “wow” factor. In the summer it would be a pretty picture witnessing bright and bold creative zooming everywhere on roller skates. On the other hand it would look equally as elegant if there were Advert Walkers floating around ice rinks promoting clients’ brands in readiness for Christmas.

Advertising walkers at 2013 food festival
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