A Moment With MMG - Harry Wells


Name: Harry Wells, Harold or Haribo.

Job Title: Marketing Executive.

I managed to tear Harry away from his computer for two seconds, to have a chat with him about all things media and what makes our youngest team member tick.

So tell us, what’s the best thing about working at MMedia Group? 

I love seeing my photographs posted over our website and social media channels. It gives me extra confidence that I am good at what I do and it’s incredible hearing positive feedback from colleagues and clients about photos that I have taken.   

What is your favourite advertising campaign?

Easy! I'm a big fan of all the Old Spice adverts. Plus Terry Crews is hilarious.

What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on whilst at MMedia Group? 

That’s a hard one to answer because I’ve been involved in so many cool campaigns and events already and I’ve only worked here for four months! If I had to choose though, I think it’d be the Asia Cup Polo. It was a privilege to photograph and film such a prestigious event and see how ecstatic the client was with the end result. 

What are your likes & pet hates? 

The obvious answer is photography as my biggest like, especially automotive photography. Been able to travel to various locations and meet different people with some very interesting cars is just amazing. My pet hates are apple macs (sorry team marketing who are apple lovers). They are slowly growing on me but you can never beat a Microsoft PC. Also, running out of coffee!

Describe yourself in three words?

Joyful, witty and tall. 

Now think about this one carefully, if you were to rule the world for the day, what would be the first law you’d make? 

Sleep is my number one priority, so I’d make it compulsory to have dedicated nap time at work.  

And, finally what’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

A tutor at college once said to me, “passion is the difference between a job and a career”. These words have always rung true to me as I want to be proud of the work I produce. 

Harry Wells, M Media Group Marketing Executive  

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