A Moment With MMG - Juliet Le Notre


Name: Juliet Le Notre

Creative Title: MOOH Sales Savant 

Juliet took time from her manic schedule as an Outdoor Advertising Account Executive to sit with a hot mug of black coffee, (a firm favourite) and tell us what makes her tick.

Hi Juliet, so tell us, what’s the best thing about working at MMedia Group? 

I’m extremely lucky to have wonderful clients and there’s nothing like the feeling of being able to produce consistently excellent results for them. I love that every day at MMG is different, I get to constantly learn new skills and soak up knowledge from other team members. 

What is your favourite advertising campaign?

Ha! Like you have to ask, it’s obviously the Diet Coke advert with the shirtless gardener. What I would have given to work on that creative team!

What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on whilst at MMedia Group? 

I got to be involved in the launch of the Christmas Vodafone advert that was shown on the Trinity Walk screen in Wakefield, which attracts over 800,000 shoppers each month – that’s a lot of opportunities to see! It was great to run the campaign from start to finish and see the advert on the giant screen looking fantastic.

Ok, so time for the quick-fire round, what are your likes & pet hates? 

Right, my likes are coffee, red wine, shoes, sunrises, thunder and cakes. Mmm cakes! One of the biggest challenges at MMG is not piling on three stone, as the treats table is always brimming with biscuits and cakes, all calling out my name. My pet hates are queue jumpers… wow just thinking about it now is getting me all worked up. GET TO THE BACK!  

Describe yourself in three words?

Strong but harmless. 

Now think about this one carefully, if you were to rule the world for the day, what would be the first law you’d make? 

Easy! I would create three day weekends so I get to spend more time with my daughter!

And, finally what’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

During my career, I have met numerous inspiring people, and seen the different sale and account management tactics that people have adapted. The phrase I always live by is, if you’re asked to do a job, always deliver!

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