Buzzword - Programmatic Purchasing


With the rise of programmatic purchasing in the digital out of home market, we thought it was about time we looked into this phenomenon. But first, we need to understand what exactly programmatic purchasing or buying is. Programmatic just means automatic, so programmatic buying refers to any advertising space purchased automatically on a digital advertising format - simple!

In terms of the digital out of home market, programmatic buying means that all digital formats are placed on the same buying format, leading to some media owners fearing that their formats may lose premium appeal. However the benefit of having all formats on one system is that buyers can instantly see what digital outdoor advertising is available for them during their campaign times and this may include some formats that buyers may not have considered. It also allows buyers to keep up with new formats and opportunities.

Digital out of home is in a unique position as programmatic solves the biggest barriers to it being seen as a strategic, as opposed to a tactical component of the media plan. Elevating digital mobile and out of home media to a strategic level means budgets will be allocated and invested upfront as opposed to on a per-project basis.

By bringing everything together on one platform, networks can increase their value. The ease of planning, buying and executing will bring new customers. The sales team becomes a “demand creation” team, pushing buyers towards the shared buying platform. This changes the role of a Media Owner’s sales team, moving from reactive to proactive and increasing opportunities to create sales. It also changes the buyer’s role, reducing the amount of time taken to find a suitable platform and removing the need to chase for rates and availability.

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