Mobile OOH in a Pandemic Era


Community Support

From lockdown 1 to lockdown 3, advertisers everywhere are interacting with communities more than ever before. Celebrating, thanking, supporting, informing. We've run hundreds of campaigns doing just that.

Small Businesses

The community that has seen the most flux is undeniably small businesses. Clients small and large have called upon our services to capitalise or stabilise fluctuations in business. From American Express to Nisa franchisees, we’ve campaigned to promote and raise awareness of small businesses across the UK.

Local Councils

Information is king in a time where misinformation is so prominent, getting the right information to the right people is critical when restrictions can change on a monthly basis. Local councils are responsible for informing residents of their status, what tier they’re in, and information on what testing/vaccination programmes are active. In recent months, MMG has partnered with several local councils who have found that mobile out-of-home works like nothing else on a local level.


Remember when finding toilet rolls was a rarer occurrence than going to the office? Supermarkets were one of the few sectors to stay open throughout 2020, we’ve seen an increased media spend across the board. Making sure that local clientele know their updated opening hours, store restrictions, and stock availability.


As if we didn’t have enough to contend with recently, how about a transition out of the EU over Zoom. With one of the longest and most confusing political stories the country has seen, the UK Government had to make sure people were getting the important stuff that will affect them on a daily basis. Take hauliers, frequently crossing the border with constant changes to the documents and tests they need.

How do Audiences’ Feel About 2021?

The Stats Explained

Hopes are rising it seems, research shows that people have higher hopes for 2021. With 67% feeling positive about vaccination programmes, and 32% already making plans for 2021. More importantly, 88% of people don’t feel that outdoor advertising is bad, and they are open to new brands. In fact, 42% of people said they’re trying new brands at the moment. (Source: Toluna, 2021).

Busy Highstreets

And don’t let anyone tell you OOH is less effective because everyone’s #StayHome -ing. Our friends at Kinetic UK found that OOH continues to reach over 90% of adults each week, and last week’s ONS data shows that 46% of the UK’s working population still leaves home to travel to work. If you’re of the mindset of seeing before believing, here’s one of our many Campaign Operator’s busy views from the street last week.

Our 2021

New Digital Formats

2020 taught us that versatility is the most valuable feature our new clients appreciate, along with growing interest in the environmental impact of running a campaign with us. So, we’re investing in our most versatile mobile advertising format; the Digital Advan. More efficient, eco-friendly generators and Euro6 engines. With brighter, higher resolution screens. One small step towards an eco-friendly Mobile OOH fleet. We've also got more digital evolutions of our other formats in the pipeline...

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