Out of Home, Out of City


Big cities are full of choice when it comes to planning an outdoor advertising campaign, with a plethora of 6 sheets, adshels, 48 sheets and 96 sheets, out of home is practically overflowing across cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester. But what do you do when you get to smaller cities and rural idylls?

Smaller cities seldom offer the breadth of opportunities when it comes to static formats, the odd bus shelter or roundabout sponsorship is often the only perceived choice. However there are a surprising number of opportunities for outdoor advertising, from larger formats such as backlit advans and digivans, which can reach smaller communities and cities with ease, to more local activities such as adbikes and pedicabs or even mobile towers that activate in close proximity.

Benefits of these mobile formats for smaller cities are also in the fact that they are truly mobile and can travel to the point of highest footfall and even spike competitors’ marketplaces – they are not, like their static counterparts, reliant on people coming to them, they can travel to the people, ensuring maximum brand awareness and recall.

Backlit advertising van outside university
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