Burton wanted to promote its range of suits for prom wear at one of the largest UK retail outlets. It was important that potential customers were able to relate to the brand and see themselves wearing the clothing to encourage sales. In order to achieve this, MMG created an outdoor fashion show which took place directly outside the store. The event highlighted the latest season’s suits and MMG worked with local colleges to recruit models that would be relatable to the target audience to allow spectators to visualise themselves in the clothing. MMG also supplied a Digipost in a prime location within the shopping centre to live stream the fashion show for other shoppers to see who were not in the vicinity and also get live updates.


  • Fashion show to showcase Burton’s latest collection to entice people to come into the store and purchase items.
  • 1x Digipost to give people live updates on the event, weather and local news.

Campaign Facts


Percentage increase in footfall inside the store

Significant uplift in sales


Number of people in Castlepoint over the weekend of the event

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