Nick David: 20 Years In The Industry.



Creative Title: Formly known as ‘Sales Aficionado’ but upon further inspection, he found out that this meant sales amateur in Spanish and decided to change it. Immediately.


Nick David has been in the outdoor advertising world for 20 years. He started out by selling CD's out of a bag in the streets of London and one day, saw an advertisement the size of a stamp for a job as a poster buyer. 20 years later and Nick is working for MMedia Group Ltd for almost 6 years now and for many more years to come!


So Nick, what has been your favourite company to work for, previous to MMG?

My first job in media, it has to be Posterscope as it introduced me to the wonderful world of OOH and they are a fantasic company to work for.


What is your favourite advertising campaign and why?

Jamie Oliver’s original school dinners campaign. Many years ago I was part of a campaign with Posterscope where we designed a posting technique with steel mesh behind the banner. When the lights came on it appeared as if children had graffitied over Jamie Oliver’s face. We were then invited to vist Fifteen; his restaurant which had only been open for around two weeks.


What is the best part of working at MMG?

Seeing your campaign live on the streets is very rewarding and I work with an amazing team.


On the other side of things, what’s the worst part about working in the industry?

Having to leave my wife and children everyday!


What’s the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on at MMG?

I’d have to say securing the continued support for all of Lidl’s stores.


What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

Stephen Gale once said to me, when I was out of work and looking for the best way to get a new job; 

"don’t change, you’re you, so be you!"


What advice would you give the person who follows in your footsteps?

Always check your figures, it’s important to know what you’re talking about.


So, more about you Nick.

What are your likes and pet hates?

I love golf and my pet hate, since having children, is not being able to play golf!


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Passionate, enthusiastic and observant.


If you could rule the world for one day, what would be the first thing you would do and why?

I would go to St Andrews golf course in Scotland and destroy the course record.


If you had a magical power which one would you choose?

The ability to fly!


What is something you have always wanted to do?

I’ve always wanted to go on The Apprentice or Big Brother.

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