ANA Airlines

ANA Airlines

Japanses airline ANA wanted to target a specific audience to increase brand awareness & airline sales during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. 


All Nippon Airways (ANA) are the largest airline in Japan, providing travellers with online reservations, airline purchases and flight tickets. 

During the 2015 Rugby World Cup, ANA wanted to target a specific audience to increase brand awareness and airline sales.

On the back of what was deemed the biggest shock in the history of rugby, when Japan scored a winning try against South Africa in the opening fixtures, ANA saw a great opportunity to increase exposure of their airline to the influx of Japanese fans that would be coming into the UK. 

In addtion to sending the team messages of encouragement, an out of home advertising campaign was required to achieve ANA's brand and sales targets.


Digivans were the perfect solution for ANA’s requirements as the multi-creative capabilities allowed advert flexibility.

We took over London’s Piccadilly Circus to wish its national team ‘good luck’ during the World Cup. The full motion screen in Piccadilly Circus showed the Japanese flag with a  “re-imagined” red ‘sun’ in the shape of a rugby ball, hoping to inspire the team to further success.

The adverts were displayed multiple languages, including Japanese, creating a personal and engaging approach for their target audience.



Full video & audio capabilities, perfect for digital campaigns

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The campaign resulted in a 15% increase in ANA flights booked and with a record 20 million Japanese tuned into to watch their team. demonstrated how out of home advertising can quickly capitalise on sometimes uexpected, news or success.

ANA has been truly inspired by the fantastic achievement of our national team in the UK. As Japan’s largest airline, we wanted to show our appreciation for their efforts and do our part to cheer our team to victory once again.


Increase in flights booked to and from the UK

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