BrewDog wanted to do a guerrilla style marketing campaign in Aberdeen and came to MMG straight away. BrewDog wanted to raise awareness of the brand and put an cheeky spin on getting their objective across. They wanted the Brand Ambassadors to put up posters anywhere that needs an injection of punk spirit. These were stuck around Aberdeen’s city centre in areas of high footfall to bring BrewDog’s brand in to the forefront of peoples mind. 


  • 3 x Promotional Staff were deployed across Aberdeen’s city centre, to stick thousand’s of stickers with BrewDog’s #IAMPUNK creative everywhere.
  • Professional photography was taken to capture the guerrilla campaign & provide content for the brands online use.
  • Inserted punk spirit into Aberdeen as part of the brand’s #IAMPUNK marketing campaign.

Campaign Facts


Number of stickers that were placed across iconic sites in Aberdeen


Number of promotional staff used

Targeted key locations across Aberdeen city centre

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