British Land

British Land

For advertising purposes & centre activation, British Land required outdoor screen to enliven consumer experience. 


The screen was commissioned by British Land & advertisement on the screen is being controlled by Clear Channel. They wanted the screen for advertising purposes & centre activation enlivening the consumer experience in response to changing modern consumer lifestyles.

There were various challenges we had to face for this LED screen install. The first being the towers themselves, the Project Manager had to be confident of the wind pull & dynamic structural load calculations to make sure the towers could withstand the weight of the screen and everything was structurally sound. 

Another challenge was the deadline for this project, as the shopping centre didn't want the install to interfere with the Christmas rush, therefore a deadline of four days was given to the team. 


We installed a 23 square metre screen & 8mm native pixel pitch. The screen was hung on two historic towers, which are grade two listed.

Non-standard scaffolding had to be used, as the flight of stairs situated below the screen had to remain open due to the thoroughfare and the working hours were reduced from 12 hours to 7 hours.

Modular LED Screens

Modular LED Screens

Suitable indoors & outdoors at a size to match your OOH advertising needs

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Reaching 280k shoppers per year, the screens provided an opportunity for British Land to promote their messaging and reach addional audiences, out of home.

The use of technology enlivens the consumer experience in response to the changing way people live their lives. The mix of large format and interactive screens will offer brands the opportunity to better engage with our audience. 


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