Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust commissioned the largest nodding dog in the world through MMedia Group in 2011. Standing at 3.2m high and 5m long and weighing in at a whopping 4 tonnes, the nodding dog - christened Dogcilla – was hoisted onto the Vanguard building in West London to raise awareness of Dogs Trust’s rehoming centre near Uxbridge. When Dogcilla had served her purpose there, she was transported onto a branded mobile trailer and, with a fully liveried towing van, deployed on tour of the UK rehoming centres.

She has been travelling the country since then - promoting new openings, open days, taking part in shows such as the Lord Mayor’s Show, raising awareness of the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Donation lines on the branded trailer and van are specific to Dogcilla, allowing the client to measure campaign success.

Dogs Trust Case Study


Largest nodding dog in the world, branded trailer and van used to support centre open days and provide presence for Dogs Trust at community events

Dogs Trust
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