The Global Emirates Recruitment team’s main aims were to drive recruitment for their rapidly expanding fleet of aircraft and to raise awareness of the Emirates brand.

Emirates are the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size and numbers of passengers carried.

They employ over 40,000 staff in over 78 countries, over 6 continents. With 75,000 airline staff operating out of Heathrow it was the perfect environment for Emirates to recruit new staff.

Airline staff are regular guests at the 25 hotels that the LHRLINK services, this therefore allowed the creative to capture them leaving and coming to the hotels.


Emirates used the fully wrapped LHRLINK buses to their full advantage by showcasing stunning shots of places like Dubai, to inspire potential recruits to migrate there and join the highly respected brand.

This campaign also had elements of a spiking campaign, as the bus routes cover all other airline terminals, as well as the ones that Emirates operate from, therefore attracting staff from different airlines to consider joining the prestigious Emirates brand.



Number of airline staff operating out of Heathrow airport


The percentage of the fleet booked to provide effective and targeted coverage


Airlines operating out of Heathrow

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