Jamie Oliver

Jamie wanted us all to join a global "Food Revolution" in order to encourage a debate to inspire a positive change in the way children access, consume and understand food. He wanted more people to know about significant food issues and get as many people to take part in an important change to push governments to improve their food and nutrition policies.
The reason he believed something needed to be done now is because 41 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese, while another 159 million children are too short for their age. 


To help promote this campaign, MMG drove a triple sided Digivan with video content of celebrities alongside Jamie Oliver to encourage the public to go online to sign a petition. The Digivan followed behind Jamie’s tour bus, which drove all round London. It caught huge amount of attention and started a media frenzy in the press and online. 


Number of people who signed the petition


Number of retweets on the "Food Revolution Day" and the hashtag #FoodRevolutionDay was one of the top trends on twitter that day

The video played on the Digivan went viral on YouTube 

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