LAD Bible

LAD Bible is one of the largest online communities in the world for guys aged 16-30. They encourage their target audience to send them funny pictures and videos. The client wanted to celebrate Prince Harry’s 30th birthday with a poster campaign displaying, in their true style, a cheeky photo of the Prince’s hand on Pippa Middleton’s bum with a "Happy Birthday" message and a #HappyAsHarry hashtag.


  • One Backlit Advan in London.
  • Photo of the Advan on The LAD Bible social media channels.
  • Encouraging their target audience to take and send photos of the Advan in situ.

Campaign Facts


Number of Facebook 'likes' the post received in less than 2 days after the campaign


Number of times the LAD Bible tweet was favourited within two days


Number of Facebook 'shares' the Advan post received 

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