LAD Bible

LAD Bible

LAD Bible is one of the largest online communities in the world & wanted to celebrate Prince Harry’s 30th birthday with a cheeky mobile poster campaign.


LADbible is one of the largest online communities in the world. They wanted raise their brand profile and increase audience engagement on social media. 

An out of home advertising format was required on the streets of London to celebrate Prince Harry’s 30th birthday with a poster campaign displaying, in their unique style, a cheeky photo of the Prince’s with a Happy Birthday message and a #HappyAsHarry hashtag.


We utilised our Backlit Advans throughout London displaying the LADbible campaign. To encourage increased awareness and social media activity and engagement, LADbible's branding and the hashtag #HappyAsHarry were displayed.

Advertising Van

Advertising Van

Ensure maximum brand exposure in all weather conditions

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Within 2 days, the campaign received 69,000 'Likes' on Facebook plus an addtional 1,000+ 'Shares' to increase awareness.

The official LADbible post of the #HappyAsHarry campaign was favourited 922 times on Twitter.

The #HappyAsHarry van is brilliant! Putting a smile on everyone's face!


Number of Facebook 'likes' the post received in less than 2 days after the campaign


Number of times the LAD Bible tweet was favourited within two days


Number of Facebook 'shares' the Advan post received 

Traditional Ad Formats

From Advert Walkers & Digivans to Adbikes & Blimps, with over 30 years of exceptional outdoor advertising, we utilise state of the art technology and the largest fleet of advertising vehicles in Europe to achieve your mobile outdoor advertising goals.

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