LEK Consulting

LEK Consulting

Worldwide consulting firm, LEK Consulting were commisioned to discover real-life, specific details regarding holidays via mystery shoppers. 


LEK Consultants help their clients to uncover business performance insights and achieve tangible, high-impact results.

They were commissioned by their client to provide real-life research regarding the price of holidays.

We were approached to utilise our mystery shopping staff to discover specific details relating to a defined list of holidays from identified travel agents.


Our mystery shoppers were assigned to discover the required details as specificied by LEK. The team compiled travel agent insights relating to flight times, hotels, room types, transfers and prices. 

We initiated a strategic rating system to reveal travel agent efficiency providing LEK a comprehensive report of travel agent data.


24 different travel agencies were contacted by our team of mystery shoppers delivering impartial, accurate, non-biased & tangible results.


Total number of calls the mystery shoppers made over 3 days.


Total number of hours spent on the phone by the mystery shoppers. 


Different travel companies contacted by the mystery shoppers

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