Lidl is the UK’s fastest growing supermarket and wanted to promote new store openings, seasonal offers and drive brand awareness.


Lidl is the UK’s fastest growing supermarket, and with ambitious growth plans over the next few years, we were approached to help increase awareness of their brand and their new concept stores.

Powerful formats were required to display multiple adverts for store openings in various locations as well as a number of promotional offers.


Digivans were chosen to be the best solution, as their multi-creative capabilities allowed different adverts to be displayed over the campaign period in relation to specific offers, time of day or type of consumers that would be exposed to the adverts.

For example during a new store opening, pre- and post-opening promotional adverts were used including the use of maps to direct passing traffic to the new store. 

Digivans toured communities around selected Lidl stores across the UK, targeting local consumers in high footfall and busy traffic areas to promote new store openings, seasonal offers and drive brand awareness.

The brief additionally required competition spiking so our Digivans were strategically placed near requested competitors.



Full video & audio capabilities, perfect for digital campaigns

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The Digivans created a lasting impression on local communities and resulted in a massive increase in brand awareness, increased footfall to the stores and an increase in the uptake of offers within the stores.


Positive feedback from Lidl store managers


Increase in footfall on average per Lidl shop


Increase in uptake of offers compared to other Lidl stores

Traditional Ad Formats

From Advert Walkers & Digivans to Adbikes & Blimps, with over 30 years of exceptional outdoor advertising, we utilise state of the art technology and the largest fleet of advertising vehicles in Europe to achieve your mobile outdoor advertising goals.

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