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Littergram campaigned around the borough of TMBC to bring attention to the increasing litter issues in the area, the campaign ran two bursts and achieved its goal, with MP Tom agreeing to take steps to fix the problem.


Littergram worked with us to battle the increasing litter issues in the borough of TMBC by bringing attention to the movement and putting pressure on the local MP to make a much needed change.

Littergram Advan #ItsNotGoodTom


Littergram influenced the local MP Tom to step in and agree to make a necessary change to improve the environment. This was achieved by advertising on our Backlit Advans to catch the eyes of the public and encourage them to say #ItsNotGoodTom.

Littergram Advan #TomSaidYes
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The professionalism, friendliness and proactiveness from the outset has been hugely impressive at all levels including the drivers who are extremely switched on and experienced. Ultimately as with all advertising it’s all about the return on your investment and in that regard MMG have allowed me to exceed the results I had hoped for. I will be doing repeat business with this refreshingly slick, professional and well organised business.

Campaign Objective Fully Achieved

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