Red Rum Experience

The client wanted MMG to attach an LED screen to a horsebox and supply a screen for a 4D immersive experience to celebrate 40 years since the world’s most famous horse, Red Rum, won his first grand national. 

The Build 


Pixel pitch.

2 ½  

Number of days it took to build.


Number of LED panels used.


Build Challenges 

  • The structure had to allow the LED screen to be fixed to the exterior of the horsebox. The horsebox was old and in poor condition, therefore a steel subframe was required to hold the LED screen. This had to be disguised to look like part of the horsebox to ensure that it looked like a natural part of the structure.‚Äč
  • Modify the vehicle chassis. MMG had to change the vehicle chassis and fit a steel subframe within the horsebox which could take the dynamic loadings in order to withstand the downward & forward force of the LED screen.
  • Evenly balance the weight of the LED screen. In order to ensure that the LED screen was safe to be used at a public event, each fixture and fitting was calculated to be able to hold 7 times the required weight. 



During the course of the weekend, over 150,000 race goers visited the event and the response was amazing, with more than 700K people Tweeting using the #GrandNational to see their updates on the horsebox screen.


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