Subaru wanted to increase awareness of four new dealerships across the UK, particularly targeting local professionals aged between 30 and 60.


Subaru’s wanted to increase awareness of their four new dealerships across the UK, particularly amongst local professionals between the ages of 30 and 60.

They have a particularly active outdoor audience and were keen to target areas popular for camping, rambling, horse riding, plus many more local outdoor activity areas. 


A Backlit Advan was used to strategically target relevant areas of interest for the tategt audience in and around the new locations.

During the 7 week period the Advans promoted the launch of the new Subaru dealerships to increase footfall and increase sales.

The Advans travelled along all major roads within a 15 mile radius of the dealerships and parked with posters angled toward oncoming traffic for maximum visibility and solus positioning.

Advertising Van

Advertising Van

Ensure maximum brand exposure in all weather conditions

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The targeted campaign resulted in increased awareness of the new stores leading 35% increased dealership footfall across 4 store openings.


Increased dealership footfall across 4 store openings.

Light Bulb

A clear and striking creative constituted to the success of the campaign. 


Increased brand awareness and dealership footfall. 

Traditional Ad Formats

From Advert Walkers & Digivans to Adbikes & Blimps, with over 30 years of exceptional outdoor advertising, we utilise state of the art technology and the largest fleet of advertising vehicles in Europe to achieve your mobile outdoor advertising goals.

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