Teesside University

Teesside University

Innovative and engaging OOH advertising showcased courses to prospective students.


Teesside University required a new, innovative and engaging way to physically showcase elements their different courses to prospective students from feeder schools and colleges. 

With the objective of increasing interest and request for prospectuses, it was necessary for the campaign to be mobile to reach requested schools and colleges.


For the perfect solution we utilised a 3D Advan carrying out a roadshow at 10 schools and colleges nominated by Teesside University.

The interior of the mobile Advan carried different themes at different times, enabling a responsive format to represent various faculties of the University: Teesside School of Arts & Media, School of Science & Engineering and School of Computing.

The 3D Mobile Showroom was adapted to suit each faculties requirements and changed from a radio broadcast hub, to a murder crime scene leading prospective pupils from different schools and colleges to engage and participate in real time, different and engaging activities within in 3D Advan.


The response from the prospective students was huge! There was a regular flow of engaged students queuing to take part in the differing activities within the Advan.

Teeside University has reported that interest in the prospectus had a 20% increase. Addiitonally the schools and colleges we visited gave very positive feedback.

This is one of the most exciting forms of advertising we have ever adopted – the van was quirky and different and as such it enabled us to capture and hold the interest of our young target audience.


Increase in requests for prospectuses 


Feeder schools & colleges visited


Courses represented 

Traditional Ad Formats

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