The Spirit of Innovation


Innovation is the introduction of something new and is key to continuously improving an industry to provide a better service and product to the customer. We are very invested in delivering effective campaigns for our customers. In the spirit of innovation, here are some examples of what we’ve been up to and why we're a leading innovator in the mobile out of home (MOOH) advertising industry!

Light bulb on symbolising innovation and new ideas

Mobile Advertising Vans (Industry First)

We are proud to say that we held the industry first Mobile Advertising Van in 1985. Our Advans have been changed and innovated on over the years to provide better campaigns.

The picture below shows the Leben campaign, featuring a convoy of 7, which we ran near the beginning of our Advan history.

Old Leben mobile advertising van photos

Dogs Trust Experiential

We partnered with Dogs Trust to deliver an impactful and award winning experiential campaign which resulted in news coverage across major UK media outlets and was even broadcasted on a news channel.

The campaign was based around generating awareness for the ongoing puppy smuggling crisis that was particularly bad at the time by hiding a message on a billboard behind 700 stuffed puppy toys, which were all taken home by the public. As more stuffed toys were taken, extra portions of the message behind were revealed.

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Vinyl PVC Banners

Originally, the industry used paper banners which were quite volatile and could lead to deterioration if not handled with an extreme amount of care. However, in 1989 we replaced all of our paper banners with vinyl PVC banners which is significantly stronger, reliable and more long-lasting due to its tear-resistant and waterproof nature. This was a massive and crucial step in enhancing the quality of our campaigns on Advans and other formats which make use of printed banners such as Adbikes and Adwalkers.

Campaign Tracking (Industry First)

When we introduced campaign tracking on our Digital Advertising Vans, this allowed us to provide insight into where a client’s campaign had been during the campaign run time. This can then be compared to the brief we are provided in order to show the campaign successfully met its target locations.

To summarise, MMG are always actively trying to find improvements in the way we work. We have a history of innovation and are looking to continue this trend in the future.

In the meanwhile, feel free to check out our Outdoor, Experiential and Promotional Staffing formats. 

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