Top 3 Christmas Campaigns


Christmas is approaching all too quickly, so here are three of our favourite festive campaigns to try and get you in that festive feeling.

Share a Coke

The first 'Share a Coke' campaign was launched in 2014 and has seen a return every year since due to it's great reception. As many will remember, the campaign started by adding 250 of the most popular names to the coke cans. This caught the eyes of shoppers and created a personal relation to the bottles that displayed the name of someone they know, promoting sharing on social media using the hashtag '#ShareACoke'.

The campaign started in America but quickly expanded to other countries, using the most popular names for each country.

Share a coke

John Lewis Ad #ExcitableEdgar

Last year, John Lewis released their Christmas advert which featured a small green dragon who often got too excited, breathing out fire and unintentionally causing mischief. For example when Edgar sees two kids are building a snowman in the distance, so he picks up a carrot for the nose and runs over. Just before he places it he gets excited and ends up melting the snowman, upsetting the children as they stand with their arms crossed.

After he has done similar things many times the village people get frustrated and when he turns up at the big Christmas meal they all hide under the table until he pulls out his gift, a Christmas Pudding, which he then sets alight with a small breath of fire that earns him a big round of applause and appreciation.

This was a great Christmas campaign because it had an emotional, but great storyline with a humorous ending. #ExcitableEdgar

Walkers Mariah Carey Ad

This ad starts with Mariah Carey singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” as normal then a bell rings and everyone in the recording studio exchanges presents with each other. Mariah Carey and an elf then both grab the same bag of Walkers crisps, neither of them let go and they begin to argue over who saw it first. The argument grabs the attention of everyone in the room, Mariah Carey decides she has had enough and sings as high pitched as she can to distract everyone and ends up breaking a pair of glasses to win the pack of crisps!

Combining a well known Celebrity, their biggest Christmas hit and a good bit of humour made this a memorable ad.

In the same year, Sony Music ran a campaign with MMG targeting Christmas shoppers on the high street with our Digivans. Using the speakers to play Mariah Careys “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, spreading the Christmas spirit and providing a last minute push to #8 on the charts.

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